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Business Description

Even Here!

Houwa Engineering realizes greater efficiency of production planning through the development of environmentally friendly plant, including maintenance.

Helping our customers to create pleasant and secure spaces – that is what Houwa Engineering is all about.
As well as the pursuit of quality, we will contribute to society with technology that is considerate of the environment and that is kind on people and communities.
It is our belief that environmentally friendly technology is created through dialogue with our customers.
We strive always to meet customers' needs in the design, installation, and management of air-conditioning and temperature regulation systems and extensive after-sales support.

Supporting Food Safety and Security with Technology

Freezing and air-conditioning are used in many different fields, but Houwa Engineering has advanced technology and an extensive track record in the area of food manufacture.
We are a force behind the scenes that helps our customers provide reliable, high-quality food products.
Here are some examples of our products and services.

For Bread Production

Our technology is used in various different places in bakeries and bread factories.
For example, a high degree of reliability is required for temperature and humidity control in the fermentation chamber.
We have one of the best track records in the country when it comes to installation of fermentation chambers.

Installed Equipment
  • Fermentation chamber equipment
  • Mixer jacket brine cooling system
  • Hot and cold water/steam/air supply systems
  • Bread cooler equipment
  • Freezer/refrigeration equipment
  • Ventilation systems
  • Various control panels

At Your Local Supermarket

Picture the showcases in your neighbourhood supermarket.
Those showcases do not just run while the store is open. They are running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Thorough temperature control and maintenance of these showcases are what keep food products fresh and safe.

Installed Equipment
  • Showcase equipment
  • Freezer/refrigerator equipment
  • Backroom/food preparation equipment
  • Energy-conservation equipment
  • Water supply and drainage sanitation equipment

To Make Reliable Food Products

Food factories that make side dishes and bento meals.
Leveraging our advanced technologies in areas such as water supply and drainage and sterilization, we contribute to food safety.

Installed Equipment
  • Ventilation systems (response to positive pressurization)
  • Air-conditioning systems for low-temperature working environments
  • Ozone and other sterilization/sanitation systems
  • Freezing and refrigeration equipment
  • Clean room/sanitary pipe systems

Supermarket Showcase Equipment

  • Supermarket freezers and refrigerators
  • Showcase equipment
  • Energy-conservation equipment
  • Backroom equipment

Energy conservation equipment

  • Exhaust heat recovery equipment

Houwa Engineering Co., Ltd.